I grew uncommonlysewn from a custom sewing business to the online textile based shop you see here today.  I created my line of clothing, eliza eddy after a number of years of offering one-of-a-kind clothing items to a small group of clients.  During 2020 I found myself spending more time at home and I heard from my clients that they were too. Many of us have been focusing our attention inward and learning to savor the small things that give our lives joy and meaning. In response I evolved my business and am pleased to now offer a carefully curated, textile based, collections online.

We all appreciate the simple luxuries that come from wearing something beautiful or filling our homes with unique objects that tell our personal story. The value of these things increases with time as they become woven into the day-to-day story of home life. I value taking the time to do things with care and intention and I know you do too. 

My collections are textile based with a focus on natural materials including linen, cotton, wool and occasionally silk.  I offer subtle but sophisticated color palettes and superior quality design to help you create an aesthetic that will make you and your home look good not only today but well into the future. I offer additional products that reflect good design and supplement the intention of fine textiles. Many of my products are made in my own studio and others are crafted by other small makers and artisans. My products are created or selected to help you feel beautiful and to fill your home with objects that capture your imagination.